Cloud Services

Cloud Services

As a cloud service provider, we partner with our customers to identify and deliver the ideal public, private and hybrid cloud solutions to maximize business value.

Public cloud is a multitenancy computing service that is offered by third-party providers such as Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. In this multitenant architecture, cloud resources are shared between organization. However, the infrastructure is hidden from the other users. Since organizations share computing resources, storage, and infrastructure, public clouds are the most cost-effective option.

Private cloud is a computing service that is offered through a private internal environment. They contain internal firewalls and give administration control over the infrastructure and data. These cloud environments are not shared between other entities or the general public which is a reason that highly regulated companies and government agencies choose private cloud.

Hybrid cloud is a composition of both public and private clouds. Organizations choose to use a hybrid cloud to store sensitive data in a private cloud and the rest in a public cloud. By implementing a cloud bursting strategy, companies are able to run on a private cloud until the demand for computing capacity starts to increase, and at that point the data bursts to a public cloud. In order to operate between the two clouds, there is an orchestration layer that allows you to move data to the public or private cloud, based on the organization’s needs.

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We have helped numerous customers transition to the cloud model, which provides application systems with on-demand computing resources for our customers. Based on each customer’s use case, we design and develop cloud solutions with scalable capacity. Brite Systems’ cloud solutions aren’t just about cost savings, they are about giving organizations the agility that is necessary to act quickly on new opportunities. Our cloud solutions provide scalable enterprise solutions to our customers and reduce capital expenditures without compromising on quality.
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