Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity Services

Transformation that’s safe and secure.

Cybersecurity is a core business requirement, providing a secure foundation to transform your enterprise and support your business.

Brite Systems offers cybersecurity services including:

  • Cloud Security
  • Cyber Security Consulting
  • Security Architecture and Engineering as service
  • Security Operations Center as a Service
  • Managed SIEM
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Application Security Testing
  • Cyber Security Transformation Services
  • Cyber Security Technology Integration and Automation
  • Network Security and Segmentation
  • Cyber Security Device Management
  • Security Operations Management

Governance, Risk and Compliance

GRC refers to an organization’s strategy for managing the broad issues of corporate governance, enterprise risk management (ERM) and corporate compliance with regard to regulatory requirements.


The effective, ethical management of a company by its executives and managerial levels.


The ability to effectively and cost-efficiently mitigate risks that can hinder an organization's operations or ability to remain competitive in its market.


A company's conformance with regulatory requirements for business operations, data retention and other business practices

Brite Systems experts can help you to:

  1. Align your companies approach to governance, risk and compliance to achieve business goals
  2. Optimize IT risk management and compliance efforts for more efficient developments
  3. Analyze your current approach to governance, risk and compliance to offer recommendations for improvements
  4. Identify gaps in your current approach through a vulnerability assessment and project future state scenarios
  5. Evaluate the risk appetite of your organization using industry standard practices

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