Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Sustainability.

Building a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion, and sustainable practices.

Our diversity is an asset. We nurture and strengthen an inclusive and equitable culture, where each individual feels seen and heard, their contributions respected and valued, and where we actively engage in sustainable practices that contribute to the health of our planet.


Brite celebrates and learns from diverse ideas, backgrounds, perspectives and experiences.


We aim to create an equitable workplace for all, where each individual is treated with fairness and respect.


We are committed to building a workplace where everyone feels welcome and empowered to build their authentic selves to work.


Brite is committed to sustainability, integrating environmentally responsible practices into every aspect of our operations.

Brite believes and recognizes that a diverse and inclusive workforce is necessary to drive innovation, foster creativity, and build a wide talent base.

As an equal opportunity employer we embrace neurodiversity, diversity in race, nationality, ethnicity, gender, age, and physical ability.

Brite’s approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion is about accepting and embracing every employee’s identity and authenticity.

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