5 Reasons to Love Salesforce Dataloader

In today’s world of bits, bites, apps, and users, information is the currency. It’s what makes our digital world move. This information needs to be manipulated with care and concern to make sure that it exists where it’s supposed to and the way it’s supposed to. When it comes to Salesforce, one of the best ways to handle and move information is with Dataloader. Dataloader is a web-based tool to import and export records. At its maximum, dataloader can handle 5 million records in one operation.

In my role as a Support Analyst for Brite, Dataloader has become my weapon of frequency and choice. It was the key to acclimating to my role and as a result, I must share my appreciation for the tool. For the sake of not boring you to death with a bunch of technical jargon and details, here are my top five reasons why I love Dataloader.

  1. The user interface is easy to use.
    I know that reads a little funny, but it’s true. How many times have you opened an application that you were told is user friendly to take one look at the interface and think, “Is this actual Javascript or something?” No such thoughts with Dataloader! What you see is what you get and it’s self-explanatory. You want to insert information, press the insert button. You want to update, upsert, delete and so on, just click the respective buttons and badda bing, you’re off.
  2. Mapping fields is easy.
    When mapping fields, you simply need to know where you want the information to go in your system and match those respective API’s with the column names on your .csv file.
  3. Tracking errors and successes in transactions is automatic.
    Once a job is done, Dataloader automatically creates success and error reports. If there are errors, the report will tell you where they are and what they are. This makes fixing any problems very easy. The reports can also be effortlessly exported as .csv files for your own record keeping purposes.
  4. Dataloader is in the cloud.
    Yep that’s right, it’s in the cloud so no downloads or security keys required. You just have to log in using your Salesforce org credentials.
  5. It can handle a large amount of records.
    Every week I handle hundreds if not thousands of records depending on the time of the month, and most often it is done in one off instances. As I mentioned above, Dataloader can handle a maximum of 5 million records at one time. Now, I don’t come anywhere close to that, but when I do have to handle upwards of five hundred to six hundred records at once it’s not a problem at all. None of my records have been lost, unless I’ve pointed them in the wrong direction, or run away like a small dog turned loose in the dog park.
    For handling your uploads, downloads, and other information or record movement in Salesforce, Dataloader is the way to go. It’s easy, intuitive and friendly enough that even the most novice of drivers could handle its navigation. In the case that you’d like to put a strategic consulting partner in the driver’s seat, contact our team for support from experts.

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