The Propshop: An E-Commerce Solution Built on Salesforce Lightning Platform

A large federal agency was in need of an efficient, cloud-based system for employees to procure furniture and supplies within their warehouse inventory. The agency had a warehouse full of office furniture and supplies but lacked a system for utilization. Without a way for employees to procure the surplus inventory, government assets were not being reused and employees were lacking a way to obtain office necessities.

Brite proposed an online product catalog, The Propshop, to meet their need. The Propshop is an e-commerce solution built on the Salesforce platform allowing agency employees to shop for inventory, make online orders, and receive notification for fulfillment of requests.

The shopping portal presents the most recent inventory to the Propshop shoppers. All surplus items are displayed in an intuitive portal interface. Like most modern online shopping experiences, the Propshop offers a user-friendly e-commerce shopping cart feature. This allows end users to search and hold inventory and review items prior to checkout. Upon completion of an order, an email notification with an order summary is presented to the shopper.

Once an order is placed, the internal team receives the order request and can confirm details with the shopper. Within Salesforce, the internal team has the ability to manage the status of the orders by converting a hold request to submitted or canceling a placed order. In addition, the order fulfillment provides a manual order tracking process that can send an email notification for each order status.

The fulfillment team can view all the relevant data on a user-friendly dashboard. Building on Salesforce allowed us to create dashboards without the need to write code. Each dashboard can be globally accessible or uniquely custom to an individual. On the dashboard, KPI graphs display real time updates to inventory. There is drill-down capability on each chart allowing the fulfillment team to view each record down to the line item.There is also an option to display historical graphs to show change over time. We facilitated the option to export the data to Excel and/or print the charts,so the data can be shared with individuals who do not have a Salesforce login.

The Propshop was a perfect fit for the agency’s Salesforce-based roadmap.With Brite as an implementation partner, this federal agency received fast delivery of a low maintenance and scalable solution with security backed by Salesforce. The Brite team solved the agency’s issue and now employees can shop, order, and receive government property for reutilization.

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