Salesforce Summer Release ‘23 notes

The Salesforce Summer ’23 release is packed with plenty of great new features for developers. Here are some of the most exciting features and updates that developers can look forward to:

Quickly Create Full Sandboxes (GA)

This feature allows developers to create full sandboxes in a matter of minutes, making it easier to test and deploy changes. This is a great feature for developers who need to quickly spin up new sandboxes for testing and development.

Metadata API Enhancements

There have been number of changes to the Metadata API in this release, including the retirement of the ServiceFieldDataType metadata type and various new analytics and customization features. These enhancements will make it easier for developers to work with metadata and customize their Salesforce orgs.

Package Transfer

The package transfer feature has been updated to allow the transfer of packages that contain custom metadata types and custom settings. This means that admins and developers can now transfer packages between orgs that have different editions and ensure that all necessary components are included in the transfer. Custom metadata types and records can be deployed to production orgs using change sets. Additionally, the Quick Actions on Related Lists feature is now available in open beta for admins, allowing them to create custom actions that can be performed directly from a related list. To initiate a package transfer, you need to log a case with either Salesforce Partner Support or Salesforce Customer Support, due to the complex nature of this procedure.

Apex Debugging Enhancements

The Summer ’23 release includes number of enhancements to Apex debugging, including the ability to debug asynchronous Apex code and the ability to debug Apex code in managed packages. These enhancements will make it easier for developers to debug and troubleshoot their Apex code.

Salesforce Functions (Beta)

Salesforce Functions is a new serverless compute service that allows developers to build and deploy custom functions on the Salesforce platform. This is a great feature for developers who want to build custom logic and integrations on the Salesforce platform.

Overall, the Summer ’23 release is packed with plenty of exciting new features and enhancements that will help developers to build and customize their Salesforce orgs in new and innovative ways.

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