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Without a doubt, everyone has been affected by COVID-19 in some way. Whether you have lost your dream job or have been forced to use screen shares for your daily activities with coworkers, our lives have changed. We have adapted by shrinking monthly personal and professional budgets and doing a massive amount of yard/housework, but we are in this together!

As state and local governments begin the staged reopening rollouts, it is vital that those who have been able to stay open look strongly at how we continue to protect our employees. Business leaders can ask themselves questions like “How has my team preformed?”, “What gaps can we address?”, and “Did we actually become closer?”

Here at Brite, there is one gap that has become overwhelming apparent to us. Not all businesses have the capability to perform or monitor everyday duties due to the limitations of their current platforms. As someone that has spent the last 10 years of my career leveraging the use of technology, I was a bit thrown off by learning this information. How does a sales manager know if his or her team is staying on top of their activities if they still are using an “off prem” CRM solution? How can they collaborate efficiently on documents (RFI’s, RFP’s, SOW’s, Contracts, etc.)? The reality is they either can’t know and can’t collaborate, or they are required to circulate countless emails.

Some companies are still leveraging a VPN solution, and that may work for certain businesses. Alternatively, many other companies along with Brite believe that cloud computing technologies will be leveraged even more in the coming years than they already are currently. I have been impressed with the speed of growth with tools like Zoom,, Google Hangouts and other platforms that have seemingly taken over the world in the last few months. We are confident that cloud innovation for CRM, Marketing Automation, and Cybersecurity will be the next adoption trend bringing companies closer together at a rapid rate.

As a cloud service provider, Brite partners with our customers to identify and deliver the ideal cloud solution to maximize business value. If you or your organization would like to have a conversation around the different ways cloud technologies can better prepare you for the changing landscape at all levels of your business, connect with our team of experts today.

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